The essentials


The aim of the game is to complete as many laps as you can in 24hrs. The solo participant or team in each team size category with the most laps wins! Breaks can be taken between laps so it's up to you to work out the best strategy to maximise your laps and distance covered.

How far will you go?

3 laps = Half marathon distance
6 Laps = Full marathon distance
7+ Laps = Ultra distance
15 laps = 105.48km


Race start
10:00 am - Saturday 27th Aug 2022

Race end
10:00 - 11:00 am - Sunday 28th August 2022


Run as many laps as you can within 24hrs and rest for as long as you need between laps
Solo runners are encouraged to have a dedicated support team
Prize categories for top three male and female places



The goal is for your team to clock up as many laps as possible. Only one team member runs at a time and passes the 'baton' to their teammate in the transition area once they’ve done as many laps as they want.

Team sizes can be between 2 and 12
Only one team member can be on the course at a time
Team members don't need to run all their laps in one go
Each team member must run at least one lap
The whole team can rest between laps if needed



Pumping music
24hr food vendor
Bar with non-alcoholic options
Charity support hubs


It's up to you how many 7km laps you complete. Cover anything between 7km and 100km plus - It's your call!

The event attracts a very wide range of fitness levels, from the occasional park runner to ultra endurance athletes.

You can rest between laps or take it in turns with your team mates.

Your event... your way


We are biased but we cannot think of a better location to spend a weekend of trail running!
A tough 7km (7.032km to be exact) trail weaves through ancient scots pine forest, over rolling grassy hillsides and along the pebble beaches at the head of Loch Ness.

Breathtaking views guaranteed.


Beautiful location
Managed campsite
Friday & Saturday night included
Toilets & fresh water
Additional support crew tickets available

more camping info


Race timing with real-time results feed to your phone
Weekend camping & parking pass
Event village access
Finishers Medal
Hydration station
Medical & safety support
World class trail running location


Snap up a reduced cost ticket from one of our partner charities & pledge to fundraise for a brilliant cause

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