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The basics

Your team can be any size between 2 and 8
Only one team member can be on the course at a time
Team members don't need to run all their laps in one go
Each team member must run at least one lap
The whole team can rest between laps if needed
Team members must hand over their team baton within the transition area


2 = Pairs
3 - 5 = Small team
6 - 8 = Large team

Prize shields will be awarded to the fastest male, female and mixed teams in each category (Exc. party teams)


You can add new team members or make any team changes anytime up to 7 days prior to the event. The final number of people in your team on the event day will determine what team size category you fit into, i.e. If you were planning to have a team of 6 and only 4 sign up, no worries, you would be classed as a small team.)


When the team captain first signs up on our ticketing platfor, they can create a team name and team password and invite as many people up to a maximum of 8 into that team. This way each team member can sign up and pay for their own place individually.

Alternatively a team leader can select to sign up and pay for all team members in one go

Create your team now


You can join a team when you first sign up. You will either need to know the exact team name and password of the team or your team captain will send you an email inviting you to join the team via the ticketing platform.

Join your team now


Team captains can log into their RaceSpace account at anytime to see who has joined their team. They can also change the team name and invite more people into that team.
All team members are able to log into their RaceSpace accounts to see who else is in their team.

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Each participant gets a weekend camping pass that is usable for Friday and Saturday night

Additional camping passes can be purchased for supporters.

camping FAQ's


Teams can be made up of some or all of its members using charity pledge places, so if some want to raise money for charity they can whilst others do not have to

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